I may be an asshole.

As part of this kaizen self improvement approach, and as an output of a conversation with a friend who mentioned they were reading it, I started reading this book called Emotional Intelligence. This book goes over your EQ, or how you deal with those things that aren’t computers or software or furry beasts.

It starts by asking some very basic questions with some vague answers you are supposed to answer the most right as you think. The output of this questionnaire is some areas to work on based on your self assessment. I was surprised by scores.

Hello ,

I recently tested my emotional intelligence, or EQ, using the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®, and thought you would be interested in seeing what my current scores are.

My overall emotional intelligence (EQ) score: 55 My Self-Awareness score: 57 My Self-Management score: 59 My Social Awareness score: 61 My Relationship Management score: 43

In the upcoming months, I hope to develop my EQ skills by practicing strategies and setting goals for myself. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or thoughts you may have for me as I begin to work on my EQ skills.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my scores.

I’ll read through the recommendations that it suggested, and write more about what I learn.

I hope to answer the universally important question, “Am I an asshole?”