Metrics of an asshole

Metrics are becoming more interesting to me everyday. Our next big project at work will involve refactoring a lot of the way we do monitoring, and metrics are a big focus for me. (see the The Art of Monitoring for a practical explanation on this approach or watch the amazing talks from Monitorama on Youtube)

I ran across an interesting tweet the other day that referenced “The ratio”

It’s not the following:followers twitter ratio, as I initially thought. It’s a ratio of engagement. Simply said, if people engage with a reply more than a “like” or a retweet, chances are you’re pissing people off.

This is an amazing metric. What is interesting to me is that it does not appear to apply to positive acceptance. When people agree, they say less, and simply RT or like. Why is this? Does this strange human behavior feed the divisiveness in our society today? How do you engage in a positive supporting way?

I’ll write more about interesting metrics in the future, and those will be about machines. What interesting metrics about anything, amaze you?

P.S. Happy 4th of July. 9T3A5495-2-Different crop