Instagram Love

I’m going to start something where I post a few of my favorite photos from other instagrammers and sometimes a favorite photo I enjoied taking the same week. I’ll talk about what I like about the photos from others, and what I liked about capturing mine. I encourage you to send me your favorites as well.

Shall we begin?


First up, a photo from Deji. I met Deji many years ago when we did a photo-help style shoot for children who are less fortunate enough to never have a school portrait. The rules were simple, do your best photos, give them to the family, and delete them forever from your disks. The art is to give entirely, and receive nothing in return. You can’t use them for your portfolio, or share them on social media, etc. You give your best to the family, completely, and they say ‘thank you.’. End of transaction. You will likely never see the family again, but your photo will live on their walls for years to come.

This isn’t for everyone, but it was a perfect match for Deji. You can see this approach of giving fully with no expectation in return in his body of work.

This is Deji at the shoot helping me with my setup.

Deji - Back to School photo shoot

and for the techincally minded.. this was my setup.

Back to school Setup Shot

Deji has been posting to instagram lately some amazing photos.

This last one struck a chord with me. Take a look.

Morin // #portrait

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It’s bright. It’s simple. The lines are all beautiful and point back to the model. Look at the light on the model’s face. It wraps around her forehead all the way back to the nape of her neck, separateing her from the backgound brilliantly. There are only a few colors going on here, and it brings a mood of hope for the future. Deji has an amazing eye. You need to follow him. Do yourself a favor and do it now. P.S. He still sometimes shoots on film.

What photo or artwork did you see recently that struck a chord with you? Send it my way.