Failure is a good thing.

I have in the past failed miserably at blogging. I have many sites that I haven’t properly cared for, and many iterations of that have not lived up to the vision I had for them. The reasons for this are many - none of them are good reasons. This week I decided to make myself a promise. I’ve decided to do things better. I want to write more. I want to be healthier. I want to maximize my happiness. I promise to gift these things to myself. This little project is a way to keep that promise. This is a way to keep myself accountable, and I hope to grow a little as a result.

What you will see here?

  • I’ll write about the struggles of a 42 year old self to get to a healthy lifestyle. This includes:
    • Diet
    • Feable attempts at « exercise »
    • spiritual growth, and the challenges of meditation with mild adhd as an adult.
  • I’ll write things and short blurbs that I find funny.
  • I’ll write about things related to my work.
  • I’ll write about things that interest me.
  • I’ll write about the long battle with Wilfred and Wackadoodle, the terror squirrels that live in my tree.

If you reading this, I hope you enjoy it.

A special thanks to Daniel, who inspired me to start this. You can read his dedication to self betterment, dedication6twelve or just follow him on twitter. @danielsweb