Damn monkeys

I woke up naturually this morning at 0556. I say “naturally” because I woke up not because of digital alerts, or furry alarm clocks. I woke up feeling rested and in good spirits. So I decided to drink a big glass of water, let the dogs out, and meditate for ten minutes on the back porch. If you have read any good books on modern meditation, such as Search Inside Yourself you will be well aware of the strategies to overcome the monkey mind. Acknowledge the thought as a thought, and let it pass. Here are some of the things my monkey threw on the mental wall today.

I can smell my neighbor smoking her morning smoke. how long has she smoked? how much did her basement gut and finish cost? It took like 10 months..

… that’s a thought. bring back the focus to your breath.

It’s pretty cool right now. I need to patch the plaster. What was that epoxy called for plaster and lattice repairs again?

… that’s a thought. bring back the focus to your breath.

Yea, that was it. That book said to acknowledge the thought as a thought and focus on your breath. is this a thought? is this a thought about a thought, or is this merely a meta thought? is this meta? meta-meta thought?

… that’s definitely a thought.

ahhh fuckit.

4:37s close enough.. this monkey wants coffee.

How is your monkey mind?