This is inspired by Diesel

With day 5 in the books…

How did I do?

I ate well: thus far

  • egg whites
  • protein shake
  • tuna on salad, (Niçois style)

That’s right, bitches. I’m at over a gallon of water today.

This is my 5th liter.

Water drinking fool.

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Highlight of the day?

Work wise: It’s a tie today.

  • Great conversations with @danielsweb in the wee hours of the am.
  • We are making some great progress on our squad to complete the mega project we are all on. This is a great team we are on and are building.

Home wise: Being able to eat lunch at home with my wife everyday fills me with gratitude.

How do I feel?

Tired, from an unnecessary page in the night. Grateful for a wonderful homelife and family.