Shameless plugs for referral credits. We both win with coupons like these.

Google Fi

Google Fi (formerly project fi) is Google’s MVNO, Google buys data and time from major provider’s towers and resells them. It is a pay-as-you-go, pay-only-for-what-you-use program.

Why I like them:

  • Coverage is better than any other single operator. The service uses T-mobile, Sprint and US-Cellular towers in the US, and switches to the tower with the best reception.
  • International roaming is charged the same per GB fee ($10) as in the USA.
  • You can add a data-only sim at no additional charge for other devices, including mobile hot-spots at the same per-GB rate.

Now the data charge program, isn’t for everyone, but it works well for many, and if you are traveling internationally, it’s a god send.

Here’s a 20$ credit, (I’ll also get 20$ if you use them) to start out.

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Digital Ocean

Easy as pie cloud provider.

Why I like them:

  • simple vm instance launches that are really reliable and cheap, with a public IP. As low as 5$ mo.
  • Great support documents

Here’s a 10$ credit. 10$ digital ocean credit coupon