PLXIS (An IPC Company) • Remote

Infrastructure Engineer • January 2015 — Present

Part of a small and amazing team that managed, developed, constantly improved the ICD and Gift Card platform for one of the world's most recognizable brands. We processed over 6 Billion USD annually with a reliability of over 5 9's.

  • Implemented a paging and alerting system that reducing false or no action needed pages by over 99%
  • Co-led redesign of cage architecture that allowed for improved reliability and deployability. Covered most deployment and configuration of cage infra using Ansible.
  • Redesigned Splunk architecture and controlled Splunk Cluster deployments and configuration in Ansible
  • Co-led design of AWS infrastructure, including VPC, network, sg and network designs, shared services such as squid and splunk, fully implemented in Terraform.
  • IC in devops team, every day we make it a little better.
  • Part of an amazing team that managed and operating a Credit Card and Gift Card platform with an uptime of 99.999986061%
  • Stayed out of the news, Remain unknown to Krebs on Security.

Viasat (Wildblue Communications) • Denver, Colorado

Senior Redhat Linux Engineer • March 2012 — January 2015

Individual Contributor on a medium sized team responsible for the billing, customer onboarding and provisioning of satellite internet for residential and commercial aircraft services.

  • Support the back office systems RHEL5,6 and Solaris in a 24/7 zero downtime environment
  • Support and configured boot off SAN hosts and data (HP XP24000/Hitachi USP-V)
  • Participate in team lead design decisions
  • Participate in 24/7 on-call rotation
  • Led small team Oracle RAC redesign and DB redesign.
  • Participate in small team for Datacenter DR config and testing
  • Respond to PCI and SOX deficiencies and Security & patch audits
  • Various scripts written as needed, in perl and bash and now python
  • Assist middleware teams with configuration & system design
  • Rebuild and correct deficiencies in puppet deployment

Petroleum Geo-Services • Houston, Texas

Sr. Linux Engineer • February 2005 — March 2012

Linux Engineer with wide scope of projects and responsibility in an organization that used science and massive compute power to map the earth's crust to help oil companies lower risk of exploratory wells in marine environments.

  • Designed and deployed full automated install and configuration management tool globally for Linux and Unix servers, and Linux Workstations using cfengine 2 & kickstarts on various platforms including RHEL/CentOS,Fedora
  • Designed and deployed full single-sign-on solution globally for Linux and Unix servers and Linux & Apple Mac workstations using Likewise Enterprise; Integrated with existing Windows Active Directory across 8 Datacenters across the globe, over 1500 hosts. This was later extended to the HPC clusters, covering tens of thousands of hosts.
  • Designed and deployed monitoring with Nagios
  • Created and maintained custom software pkgs (RPMs) for internal software and 3rd party configurations
  • Supported ~ 500 PhD level users for in-house seismic processing/exploration and 3rd party applications, including infrastructure for development teams for emerging technologies
  • Interfaced with HPC group to streamline workflow between the users and research and production clusters
  • Provided support and troubleshooting for complex in-house software (can't google that!)
  • Acted as the main interface between Global IT management and managers of G&E (R&D), and Data Processing groups, and HPC management
  • Implemented hardware standards for all Linux high-end visualisation workstations. These workstations have very large graphics and memory footprints, and powered immersive visualization rooms for internal and client collaboration
  • Implemented change process for Linux environment using CVS for policy management, inspired by the ITIL framework.
  • Assisted in 3 major office moves in 3 different countries, Including PM of infrastructure and services moves.
  • Heavy international travel, worked in various roles, including as hiring manager for Linux engineers in Kuala Lumpur
  • Various scripts written as needed, in perl and bash

Schlumberger OilField Services • Houston, Texas

Server Admin • Jan 1999 — February 2005

Individual contributor on a small team of 7 people with various duties from desktop support to managing servers running various engineering applications.

  • Administration of multi-platform servers serving 600+ end users.
  • Various projects, server consolidation, consolidated over 30 Windows servers to 15 Linux and Unix servers for infrastructure services, NFS, CIFS, DNS & DHCP
  • Consolidated several (IIS, netscape suite spot, Iplanet enterprise) web servers to single host (apache vhost +ssl) on RedHat Ent. Linux 3
  • Sun Solaris upgrades from 2.6 to 8
  • Deployed Oracle environment on Sun Solaris for consolidation of various databases
  • Day to day administration and maintenance of Unix(solaris 2.6-9), Linux, Windows NT/2000 servers,Oracle 8i databases, Legato server, and NetApp
  • Various scripts written as needed, in perl and bash

Other Experiences • Various locations

Gotta hustle to survive in the dog eat dog world.. WOOF! • Birth until now.

Door to door encyclopedia sales, Direct sales with large contractors at a tile & granite distributor. Occasional Professional Photographer of weddings and of interesting people. Volunteer, and proud co-host of a failed podcast.


Linux/Unix & Infrastructure services

Almost 20 years managing various systems in a wide variety of flavors and scales.


4 years managing, administering and extending Splunk

AWS and cloud services

Several years experience building, operating and managing AWS environments and services

Automation tooling

Over 13 years experience in automation tools such as cfengine, puppet, ansible and terraform.

Ability to learn

Ability to learn and 'ramp up' on new tech and skills quickly


I can see humor in things that may not be obvious, at least that's what people tell me.

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Skills Word Salad

    Red Hat/CentOS • Terraform • AWS VPC • Anisble • cfengine • puppet • Humble Professionalism • Encourager • AWS SG • AWS Load balancers • AWS EC2 • packer • CI/CD • Agile • Splunk Architecture • AWS design • O11y is Observability • Builder of peers • Outcome focused • Infrastructure as Code • Security minded • Selinux enforcing • DevOps • git and ops • systems fail, people learn. • Blameless post incident reviews > root cause analysis • Reliability is a core feature. • Move secuirty efforts to the left. • Linux • PCI/DSS • Red Hat Satellite • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization • AWS • Do as you learn • AWS IAM • AWS Cloudwatch • Splunking all the things • AWS S3 • Cloudflare • DNS • Occasional pair programmer, occasional rubber ducky. • Seeking objectives, over meeting requirements • Lifelong student, Coach when needed • Monitoring • Nagios • Docker • containers • Extending Ansible • dynamic inventories •